iDevice users are on the lookout for a better Sharepod alternative to transfer music files from their iPod to computer (both Windows and Mac systems). While Sharepod is a direct method of transferring playlists and music to iTunes or computer from devices including iPad, iPhone or iPod, the buffering leaves many users dissatisfied. And worse the program crashes while transferring files in some cases.

iDevice users are on the lookout for a better Sharepod alternative to transfer music files from their iPod to computer (both Windows and Mac systems). While Sharepod is a direct method of transferring playlists and music to iTunes or computer from devices including iPad, iPhone or iPod, the buffering leaves many users dissatisfied. And worse the program crashes while transferring files in some cases.

So, what is the alternative that is quick, efficient and gives you no trouble whatsoever?

FoneTrans is an ideal Sharepod alternative for Windows and Mac because of the various features it offers in comparison to the other alternatives in the market. Here is a review of some of the leading Sharepod alternatives and the reasons as to why FoneTrans comes out the winner.

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Why use Sharepod Alternative

Before we review the Sharepod alternative tools, let us see a brief overview of Sharepod and why an alternative is needed.

Sharepod launched in the year 2005, has been used for transfer of multimedia files between your iDevice and computer or iTunes.

The software allows you to transfer videos, music, songs, photos and other multimedia files at a fast rate. With Sharepod, you can do the following

  • Copy entire playlists with just a few simple clicks.
  • In the event of system error or crash, you can recover your files safely with the software
  • Simple editing including managing playlists and library and erasing old tracks can be done

But it has some drawbacks such as

  • The simple interface does not have any playback support
  • In spite of Sharepod being effective and convenient, it has several alternatives that outrank it in compatibility, functionality and price.
  • Although at the time of its launch it was considered as the best file transfer app for iDevices, over time the efficiency of the software has diminished.
  • The updates for the software have failed to keep up with the changes happening in the field.

In 2013, Macroplant, the creators of iExplorer acquired Sharepod and are working to improve the features and functions of the app. Sharepod 4 is the latest version for Windows and Mac devices.

Comparison of top Sharepod alternatives


This software is named by spelling iTunes backward and the similarity ends there. Unlike iTunes, Senuti works only on Mac. Senuti launched in 2006 is a dedicated Mac OS application that helps in copying media files from your iDevice to a Mac computer that runs on OS X10.5 or a newer version. You can also transfer the files to iTunes library. However the software does not have the facility of importing music to your iPod.


What can it do?

A beneficial feature in this software is the de-duplicate feature. It helps detect the duplicate files and let’s you decide on saving them or deleting them.

You can listen to the media file by clicking on it before you transfer the file to the system. So, to a certain extent the software can be considered as iOS player, but only with the audio files. For video, you need to install Quick Time Player.

The software is available with a demo version that is free to use. Unlimited version is also present for the software.

Advantages of Senuti
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Has complete introduction and instructions needed for set up
  • Versatile and convenient
  • It is priced at $18.99
  • Size of software: 4.3 MB
Instructions for using Senuti
  • Connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to a Mac system
  • Decide on the media files you wish to transfer and select them
  • Click on the button marked Transfer. The media files you selected can now be moved to your Mac system or iTunes.
Drawbacks of Senute
  • The most important and frustrating drawback is it crashes often just like Sharepod.
  • The software occasionally fails to recognize the idevice you are using.


This Sharepod alternative is an ideal tool for media files transfer between your iDevice and Mac or PC. While the software is similar to Sharepod, it is stronger when compared to Senuti and Sharepod.

It is priced at $29.97
The size is 49.9 MB


Download FoneTrans for Windows Download FoneTrans for Mac

What can it do?
  • It transfers photos, contacts, movies, music, ringtones, PDF, playlists and more, easily between Mac/PC and iOS devices.
  • You can export messages too from your iPhone for backup purpose and store them in your computer.
  • If you have iTunes installed in your system, you can easily copy TV shows, iTunes U and Podcast and more to iTunes.
Advantages of FoneTrans:
  • It helps to convert audio or video from your computer to make it compatible with the device you are using. This is especially very useful when you have unsupported audio or video files. You can convert these files to compatible versions before you transfer.
  • You can also export the iOS files for backup, making it an iPhone transfer to PC
  • The simple interface enables managing iPhone files easily on your system. You can delete contacts in your phone easily with the de-duplication process. Important contacts can be backed up to avoid worries of losing them due to the lost or damaged device. Similarly messages MMS/SMS can also be backed up and saved in HTML, text or excel format.
  • The tools also function as an audio or video player, while playing music and movies. You need not install any other player for this.
  • You can also share files within the iOS devices. For instance, you can copy the media files in your iPad to your iPhone or move data from iPad to iPod. The files transferred include picture, movie, music, TV shows, ringtone, camera roll, SMS(MMS), iTunes U and podcasts.
  • You can manage your photos easily by building a photo album. The songs can be organized into different playlists and also backed up for safety. Multimedia files, music playlists etc. can also be exported to the PC or your iTunes library for safe backup
  • The software supports all iDevices.
Instructions for using FoneTrans
  • Connect your iOS device to Mac or PC
  • Decide on the files you wish to transfer
  • Click on Export to or Add option to copy the files between your iDevice and PC, from one device to another or from the device to iTunes
  • Select contacts icon. This helps to edit or add or duplicate the contacts

As a Sharepod alternative, this has restricted number and time for data transfer, while using free trial method.


This Sharepod alternative is compatible with Mac and Windows users. The software program helps in transferring video and music files from your Mac device to idevices including iPod, iPad and iPhone. Here is the full AnyTrans Review for your info too.

It is priced at $39.99
The size is 1.02 MB


What can it do?
    • This media transfer software can do transfer of files easily between Mac and iPod without iTunes.
    • In addition to video and music files, the software also helps to move photos, messages, contacts and others from your iDevice to a Mac or PC system.
    • The software also lets data importing directly from the idevice to iTunes and between devices.

The software tool helps to download the music in iTunes to your idevice or a computer making it the best iTunes file transfer alternative. It is in fact more capable of downloading iCloud to

  • your Mac or PC.
  • The app is popular because of its fast speeds, easy to restore and use feature, rebuild libraries facility and better connectivity to multiple devices. When compared to the reliability of iTunes, this is much favorable.
  • The ability to transfer music libraries, apps, media file, content and more make the software a reliable one compared to iTunes.
  • Link the iDevice you own with your computer. Use the add button to listen to music and transfer it to the idevice of your choice.
Advantages at a glance
  • Ideal for transferring media files between iDevices
  • Restores data from iTunes backup too
  • Converts the formats of media files based on requirements
  • Allows music library creation
  • Enables playing playlists in iTunes even from old iPods
Instructions on using AnyTrans
  • Connect your iOS device to Mac or PC
  • Select the file you want to transfer on iTunes or iPhone
  • Click on the transfer option present on the top right corner. This enables file transfer between devices easily.
  • Similar to Sharepod, Any Trans takes time to transfer the media files including movies, music and other data. This is because of the high RAM and CPU consumption of the program, even when it is idle.
  • You need to complete full registration for each function you wish to use, which is a big hassle

Bottom line

While at a glance all three Sharepod alternative software programs discussed above may look similar even with Sharepod, a closer look reveals quite a lot of dissimilarities, especially between FoneTrans and the other two. The software scores high in features, price and compatibility over the other two. It is also faster and efficient.

The de-duplicating feature, automatic media format conversion and playing of audio and video files make it highly desirable software for iDevice users who are vexed with the slow Sharepod alternatives that have a tendency to crash at times. FoneTrans is without doubt an ideal Sharepod alternative present now.