April 7, 2015

Simple Method to Recover Lost Text Messages from Android Phone

However, data loss still happens every now and then. You may lose all your important data in seconds just because of a little misoperation. And some cellphone malware or viruses can also cause the data loss. Fortunately, if you can tackle the situation properly and timely, you still have many chances to get the lost data back. This tutorial will teach you how to recover the lost data from Android phone through an efficient way. For convenience, let's just take recovering the deleted text messages from Android as an example.
June 9, 2015

Simple Way to Retrieve Lost Contacts on Android

What is the worst thing you can encounter when using your Android smartphone? I think many people may say that it should be the loss of your important contacts. Many causes would result in the contacts loss, for example, deleting the contacts by a little mis-operation, or just an unexpected crash of the operating system of your smartphone. Fortunately if you have a limited number of the contacts, you can save them on your SIM card and even though the smartphone suffered the crash of the operating system, all the contacts can still remain safe. However, the space of the SIM card is quite limited that it cannot save all the contacts under normal circumstances and the data loss still happens every now and then. So it is necessary for you to know how to protect your contacts, and more importantly, how to retrieve important contacts on Android phone after you've lost them for a variety of reasons.
January 30, 2016

How to Back up the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Ease

If you keep a good habit of back up the important data on your Samsung Galaxy S6, it will be much easier for you to get back the data when you perform a wrong deletion on your Samsung Galaxy S6. There are many kinds of files on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that you may want to back up. For example, you may need the contacts, which are the keys for attempt the others. And photos are the carriers of the memories of your life. Such things are so important that no one can bear to lose them.