July 26, 2014

Two Ways to Recover Removed Photos from Multiple iPhones

Many people nowadays feel like to take photos with their phones, which are quite common. However, sometimes you lose some desired photos on your iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S owing to wrong deletion, system update, jailbreak or recovering factory setting. What would you do once it happens to you? In the article, we are going to share two wonderful ways with you about how to recover & restore deleted/lost photos from iPhone without damaging the other existing photos.
July 27, 2014

How to Recover Deleted MMS Threads from iPhone with FoneLab

When you see beautiful scenery, you may want to share it with your friends via MMS. What if you erased the entire MMS thread by accident? Just let go your wonderful memory, or try to figure out the way to get it back? I believe most people are inclined to choose the latter one. In fact, it is not that difficult than you imagine to recover the lost MMS thread. Once you mistakenly deleted MMS threads from your iPhone, they do not disappear for good, which means you still can get them back. What you need is a professional program— FoneLab. It has three modes: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iCould Backup File. In the following part, we will teach you how to use this tool step-by-step.
July 27, 2014

Efficient Way to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts by FoneLab

There is no denying the fact that contacts Info plays an essential role in iPhone data. Once you lose the contacts, your connection with others cuts off. Thus, we cannot emphasize the importance of contacts too much. Accordingly, knowing how to recover & restore lost contacts from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS is a must-have skill. In fact, it is not difficult at all to perform contacts recovery on iPhone.
July 31, 2014

Simple Approach to Recover WhatsApp Message on iPhone, iPad, iPod

As a powerful instant chatting app, WhatsApp is quite popular with most iOS Devices users since it empowers users to chat with friends from different countries freely. Above all, this app is totally free, which means it will never cost you a penny for sending text messages, videos, photos or voices. So that's not hard to understand why this app has a rising popularity around the world.
July 31, 2014

Restore Lost iPhone Notes with ease

For the sake of convenience, some iPhone users may like to take notes by using the app on their devices. That's quite convenient we have to admit. However, when suffering from system crash or wrong deletion, the important notes will be erased, which sometimes could turn out to be a disaster. If you are stuck in this situation, there is a piece of good news for you that you can recover your lost iPhone notes back.
July 31, 2014

Best Method to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone 6S/6/5S/5C/5

From time to time, by accident, system crash, jail-breaking or wrong deletion, you may suffer from data loss on your iDevice, such as iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Losing data is never a good thing. In order to eliminate such a problem, you need to learn how to tackle it.