How to protect your iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S /5C /5 data from being damaged by accidental deletion, system crash or other unexpected disasters of your iPhone? I think iTunes backup can be your best choice. iTunes enables you to back up your iPhone data and generate a backup file in your local driver, which can let you recover the data safely if something terrible happened. On Mac OS X, iTunes will save all its backup files under the path of “Home folder/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/” by default. You can find all the iTunes backup files there. However, when you try to open an iTunes backup directly, you fail because iTunes won’t let you open a backup file by yourself.

Sometimes an iTunes backup file may contain lot of things. However, many of them may have been out-of-date for a long time and we don’t have a necessity to recover them anymore. Sometimes to accelerate the recovery process, some kinds of data such as the music files, movies downloaded from the Internet and etc. also have no need to be recovered. On these conditions, we may want to recover our iPhone data selectively. However, since we cannot open an iTunes backup file and see the details of it, how to recover our iPhone data selectively can be a problem.

The problem can be solved actually with a simple third party iPhone 6S Plus data recovery toolAiseesoft FoneLab. This professional iPhone data recovery tool can not only help you recover the lost data with iTunes backups, but also let you extract the backup file and view the content of it before the recovery. You can use this simple tool to open an iTunes backup file, choose the content you want and recover them selectively. Just read the following tutorial.

Step 1. Download Aiseesoft FoneLab Mac version to your Mac

Aiseesoft FoneLab have two versions both for Windows and Mac OS X. If you are Mac users, just download Aiseesoft Mac FoneLab. After that, install it on your Mac.

Download FoneLab for iOS on Windows Download FoneLab for iOS on Mac


Step 2. Launch Aiseesoft FoneLab on Mac

Run Aiseesoft FoneLab on your Mac, click “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, and then you will see all iTunes backup files are listed in the table if you’ve backup up your iPhone with iTunes before.


Step 3. Select an iTunes backup file to extract.

Select the iTunes backup file you want, and then click “Start Scan” button. Aiseesoft FoneLab will try to extract your iTunes backup file, and then show all the contents of it for you. This will take a few minutes.

Step 4. Preview the content and then recover them from the iTunes backup

After the extraction, you can see all the contents such as Contacts, SMS, Photos, Music and more are shown in the interface. Just view and then uncheck all the data you don’t need. And finally, click the “Recover” button, to recover them from the iTunes backup file.

Tips: All recovered data will be saved to your Mac, you can find them on your Mac, and then transfer to your iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6S /6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5.

Download FoneLab for iOS on Windows Download FoneLab for iOS on Mac

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