Have you encountered such a situation that you want to call someone but find their phone numbers have been changed without telling you? Or there are many contacts saved on your phone, but you rarely connect with them. In other situations, maybe your family members or friends like to frequently change their phone number. All these useless contacts take up too much memory space of your iPhone SE, so that its operating system runs very slowly which makes you feel boring. In this regard, you must want to delete iPhone SE contact which is no longer useful to you. However, you will find it troublesome to do this operation, since only one contact can be deleted at a time. You just have to give up unless you decide to remove them one by one. This is a complete waste of time and you are running out of patience, aren’t you? That’s the reason why more and more useless contacts saved on your iPhone SE. You must wonder whether there have some ways to remove single, multiple even all iPhone SE contacts or not. I’m so glad to tell you. Yes, there has! Next, I will show you three ways to accomplish this goal, you can choose the best one according to your requirements.

Part 1: The ways to remove a single iPhone SE contact or multiple iPhone SE contacts

If you want to remove a single iPhone SE contact or multiple iPhone SE contacts, you can do it manually by removing them one by one. Let’s take iPhone SE 5 as an example.

1. Go to “Contacts” app to find the unwanted contact that you want to remove.

2. Check the contact, press on the “Edit” button on the top right corner, choose the tab of “Delete Contact” and ensure the unwanted contact in the pop-up option to start the deleting process.

3. In order to remove multiple contacts on iPhone SE, you should repeat the above two steps to remove mass iPhone SE contacts.

This method is free for you, but you should be patient to remove multiple iPhone SE contacts, especially when there are hundreds of contacts saved on your iPhone SE.

Part 2: The ways to remove all iPhone SE contacts with the help of iCloud

If all your iPhone SE contacts need to be deleted for some reasons, but you are sad to find there are as well many contacts lying on the iPhone SE. It is terrible for you to delete iPhone SE contact one by one. Luckily, there is another way to remove all contacts at one time. iCloud is a good helper to accomplish this goal. Before you do these operations, it is wise for you to back up your iPhone SE contacts in case of data loss.

1. Select the tab of “Settings” > “iCloud” and find your “Contacts”.

2. Turn off your “Contacts”. Choose the tab of “Delete from My iPhone SE” when you are prompted what do you want to do with the iCloud contacts which have been previously synced.

3. Log in www.icloud.com and enter your iCloud account and the password. Click “Contacts” and all your iCloud contacts will be backed up on the right window.

4. Press the “Settings” button on the bottom, choose the tab of “Select ALL” > “Delete” to remove all contacts at one time. You can also remove multiple contacts by clicking them with Ctrl key.

5. Back up to your iPhone SE, Choose the tab of “Settings” > “iCloud” > slide “Contacts” from “OFF” to “ON”. In this way, all your contacts will be removed from your iPhone SE.

You must be careful when you remove a single, multiple or all iPhone SE contacts as described above. Because if you have used this iCloud account to back up other iPhone SEs’ contacts, this operation may remove those useful contacts saved on other iOS devices. But if you remove your contacts accidentally, you don’t need to worry, since you can still recover them from iTunes backup which you have created before. If you don’t have backup files, you can refer to this article: How to Restore Deleted/Lost Contacts from iPhone SE.

Part 3: The ways to remove a single, multiple, duplicate or all iPhone SE contacts freely

The ways mentioned above also have some disadvantages. However, there is another easiest tool called iPhone SE Contacts Manager can help you delete a single, multiple, duplicate or all iPhone SE contacts freely. What’s more, you can also manage these contacts conveniently. This program is an iOS file manager and transfer program. It can be used to remove certain contact or all iPhone SE contacts at one time. Follow the detail steps as showed below and you will learn how to delete iPhone SE contact. First of all, you should download and install this manager to your Mac or Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Download FoneTrans for Windows Download FoneTrans for Mac

1 Launch iPhone SE Contacts Manager

Run this contacts manager by double clicking it on your computer.


2 How to remove a single, multiple, duplicate or all iPhone SE contacts

Connect your iPhone SE to PC with the help of USB cable, after a while, all of iPhone SE file types will show up in this program. Click “Contacts”, you can view and check the unwanted contacts, then click on “Delete” button to delete unwanted contacts from your iPhone SE. .


3 Delete duplicate iPhone SE contacts

If you want to delete duplicate iPhone SE contacts, there is a powerful tool do this job for you. Press on “De-duplicate” button, and it will find those duplicate contacts automatically. Choose the tab of “Merge Selected”, back to your contacts list, and you will see duplicate contacts removed from your iPhone SE.



  • 1. This program only helps you remove your iPhone SE contacts. If you want to delete them permanently and completely, you can read another article: How to Erase All Contacts on Your iPhone SE.
  • 2. Press on the “New” button, you can also choose this tool to add new contacts.
  • 3. You can check the contact and press on the “Edit” button to edit your existing contacts information with the help of this program.
  • 4. Apart from deleting iPhone SE contact, you can also move music, movies, photos and so on as you want. You can transfer music between iPod and iPhone SE with two steps in an easy way.

Download FoneTrans for Windows Download FoneTrans for Mac

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