There is no denying the fact that contacts Info plays an essential role in iPhone data. Once you lose the contacts, your connection with others cuts off. Thus, we cannot emphasize the importance of contacts too much. Accordingly, knowing how to recover & restore lost contacts from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS is a must-have skill. In fact, it is not difficult at all to perform contacts recovery on iPhone.

Here, we’d like to introduce to you FoneLab, known as iPhone contacts recovery as well, offers you three options to solve this awkward problem. With this Snapchat message recovery help, you are able to recover iPhone contacts, no matter from iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S/4/3GS. In the following, there are three ways of restoring your lost iPhone contacts.

Download FoneLab for iOS on Windows Download FoneLab for iOS on Mac

Directly Recover Lost Contacts from iOS Devices

Firstly, download FoneLab on your PC. Then install and run it.

Secondly, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC and initiate the scanning mode. If your iPhone is running iOS 7, you are supposed to operate as you are told on the interface to scan your data.

Thirdly, when you finish scanning, your iPhone data will be displayed. Then, check the contacts you need to recover by browsing Contacts in the left side bar. To ensure you have ticked the right file, double click the thumbnail to enlarge it.

recover lost contacts from iPhone
Lastly, click “…” button to set a file folder to store the recovered data. After that, hit Recover to begin the recovery.

If you want to see the lost or deleted contacts, you can tick “Only display deleted item“.

Simply Restore Lost iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup File

Step 1: Download and install, then run FoneLab.

Step 2: Select “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. If you have ever synchronized or backed up your iPhone with iTunes, it will show up in the list.

Step 3: Tick the iTunes backup files and begin scanning. When the scanning process comes to an end, all files will emerge. In the left side bar, all the contacts’ information you want will be under Contacts category.

recover lost contacts from iTunes Backup

Step 4: Hit the “…” button and set the destination where you would like to put the restored file. Then press the Recover button. Done!

Easily Recover Deleted Contacts from iCloud Backup File

After launching this application, select the “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode.

Then hit the Download button to withdraw the iCloud backup file to your PC. As long as the downloading is over, click the backup file you’d like to restore from and then hit the “Start Scan” button to enter scanning mode.

When the scan is completed, you are allowed to preview the data found on your iPhone in the scan result. In the left sidebar, you will see the category and number of files and the specific content will be shown on the right panel.

recover lost contacts from iCloud Backup
Then tick the files you like to recover, press “Recover” to get your lost contacts back.

Bingo! So easy, right? Then don’t hesitate to download FoneLab and have a shoot.

Download FoneLab for iOS on Windows Download FoneLab for iOS on Mac

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