Android Broken Screen Data Recovery: How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

Are you looking to retrieve data from the broken phone? FoneLab for Android is a great tool to have for Android Broken Screen Data Recovery. While Android phones are in huge demand and have innumerable numbers of exciting and innovative features that entertain users to no end, which is all well and good, when the phones are damaged users are left in a dither as to how to recover the data from Android phone with broken screen.

Whether it is Samsung Galaxy or any other Android device you own, having a broken phone issue can cause a big upheaval, as all data that you have stored in the device including video, photos, contacts, and messages will not be accessible. With smartphones being a storehouse of all kinds of important information from business contacts to important messages both personal and professional, it helps to know of an effect way to retrieve data from broken phone. Issues like the phone not powering up sometimes even after the screen has been repaired can be quite a big hassle for users.

For Android users including Samsung and other brand Android phones that are facing a cracked screen problem, which has led to the loss of data or phone going into sleeping mode, extraction is a big issue unless you know of an effective way to retrieve lost data from the device.

Here are three different yet successful ways with the best Android Broken Screen Data Recovery to accomplish recovery of data from cracked Android phone. Let us see all the three ways now:

Method 1: Restore Data Present in Samsung device with Cracked or Broken Screen using Kies

Samsung smartphone users have the option of Kies when they are faced with data recovery issues. Kies is a free app with data backup and restoration feature. It is compatible with Samsung versions including Galaxy S7 Edge/6 Edge/S7/2/3/4/5/6 and Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5/6.

If you know about Kies feature in Samsung and have done a backup of all your phone data using Samsung Kies before its screen broke, you can easily recover the lost files or deleted data.

Here are the steps to recover data from broken Android device using Kies:

Before you proceed further, you should be aware that Samsung Kies software is available in different versions to suit the different versions of the Android phone.

The type of data backup that Kies software supports include the following:

Contacts, S Planner, S Memo, Videos, Miscellaneous content files, Photos, Music and applications present in the internal memory of the phone and other data include ringtone, alarm, preferences and email account details.

Restore Data to cracked or damaged Samsung screen with Kies

In the case of cracked Samsung phone screen, the biggest problem is that it is not possible to unlock the phone, which is when Kies can recognize the device.

To overcome this hurdle here are the steps to follow:

Step #1.
Visit the official website of Samsung. Log in using the Samsung account you created.

Step #2.
Click on, ‘Find my phone’ feature. You will be able to see an option present on the interface’s left side that lets you unlock the device remotely. Click on the option and wait for a few seconds. The filling of progress bar indicates the device has opened. Once the bar fills up, you will see a message that reads as follows, ‘Your phone is now unlocked.’

Step #3.
Connect the Samsung device to your computer using USB cable. Click on the, ‘Restore/Backup’ tab and choose to Restore data option. Choose backup file you need by using the drop down menu box. You can now recover the backed up data already present in your device.

This method of restoration is not possible for S3 and S2 Samsung phones.
This restoration service is unavailable to users in the USA.

Method 2: How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen by FoneLab for Android

Since the method of data retrieval from cracked or damaged phone screen in Samsung using Kies has certain limitations, you can try other ways to do the process effectively. This second method is one such alternative way for data retrieval. This method involves using data recovery option present in the Samsung device for retrieval of data.

This data recovery tool in Samsung has the capability of retrieving lost or deleted files, even if the screen of your device is broken or cracked. The tool is fully compatible with almost all Samsung smartphones including Note 2/3/4/5 and Samsung Galaxy S2/ S3/S4/S5/S6/S7 and more.

The data recovery feature has other uses too. It helps in recovering deleted data from Samsung Tablets with the same effectiveness as in the smartphones. The feature can be used to successful recover all the data you have lost due to cracked or damaged phone screen.

Here are the steps to follow for the retrieval process:

Step #1.
To use the data recovery software, you have to first install it on your computer. It can be used on both Windows as well as Mac. Once you have installed the data recovery for Samsung, launch it by using double click on the software icon.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

Step #2.
Plug the Samsung smartphone to your Mac or PC using USB cable provided with the phone. Choose the data you want to retrieve such as pictures, contacts, messages, videos and more. Click on the, ‘Next’ option to scan the phone.

Step #3.
Once you have scanned the data present on the device, choose the specific data type you want to view. Look at the details present and choose the items you want to recover from the data present. Click on, ‘Recover.’ Now you can save the deleted data in the Samsung phone to the Mac or PC.

In comparison to using the Samsung Kies recovery option, the data recovery software for Samsung phone has additional uses such as saving the retrieved data files on your computer.

The main difference between the two methods of recovery is that the data recovery software helps to back up the retrieved data fully wherein you can also restore the data you had deleted.
The software is capable of data recovery in Android phones other than Samsung, which have similar broken screen issues. Sony, HTC, LG and other Android phones are compatible with the software, and hence data retrieval from these phones in case of damage to the screen is easily facilitated with the data recovery software tool.

The free version of the software is sufficient for recovering data files like call log, messages, and contacts. For other data file types such as videos, audio, and pictures the pro version is necessary. The most recent update of the software is designed to support the recovery of deleted data including images, videos and chat history in WhatsApp.

Method 3: Retrieve Data from Broken Phone by the professional Android Broken Screen Data Recovery Tool

In the case of cracked screen in your Samsung phone where it is impossible to enter the password key for unlocking the screen and opting for Trust, you have to use a more elaborate process for fixing the issue. More steps have to be performed when compared to the above two methods discussed in this post. The steps, however, are required for safe extraction of data in case of broken or cracked Samsung screen.

Here are the steps you need to follow for the data retrieval:

Step #1.
The first step in the data recovery process is to launch the software on your computer. Download the best Android Broken Screen Data Recovery – FoneLab for Broken Android Data Extraction software in your computer.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows

Install and run the software. Choose, ‘Start’ option to enter into the fixing setup of the phone. This will eliminate the need to tap the screen to begin the process.

Step #2.
Choose the name of the smartphone and the specific model you are using from the interface and click on, ‘Confirm’ option. The interface will have a simple guide of just three steps for entering into the download mode.

Use the guide and enter download mode. Now click on the, ‘Start’ option and wait patiently for the software to work its magic on the phone.

Step #3.
When you have fixed the Android phone effectively, the software will start scanning the data in the phone directly.

For retrieving data, you need to checkmark the relevant data from the scan results. Once you have checked the relevant data, click on the ‘Recover’ option. This will help in the extraction of data from the damaged or cracked screen in your Samsung phone.


  • The data recovery option feature supports only certain Samsung Galaxy models including Note 5/4S/5/4/3 and also Tab Pro 10.1 version.
  • The steps mentioned above help to enable data extraction from the cracked or damaged Samsung phone and also in the case of password forgotten situation.
  • It is possible only to back up all the data that is currently present in your Samsung device to your computer. For restoration and backup of deleted data, you need to follow the Method 2 for effective Android broken screen data recovery.