How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages with these Power Methods

I want WhatsApp messages to be uninstalled from the SE of my iPhone device. I want to use WeChat to have it replaced so that I can be communicating with my business colleagues who are in China. But how do I Backup iPhone WhatsApp messages before I will commence with the process off having it replaced?

A global tool for chatting that friends as well as family members do use to communicate is WhatsApp. It can also be used for business purposes. The most vital part of WhatsApp is the text as well as voice messages. However, there are still many persons that may be having the same question above and would want to Backup iPhone WhatsApp messages should in case of emergency. In such a case, the major question will be how WhatsApp messages can be backed up in your iPhone device. The following subheadings will explain how you can go about this in an easy way.

There are specific versions of WhatsApp which are meant for iOS and android users specifically. They are free to download. In this write up, we are only going to be explaining how you can back up the messages on your iPhone device without stress. The following that will be backed up on the WhatsApp platform are: attachments, texts, message history, voice messages and so on.

There are four methods and each of them will be explained briefly to help you achieve your objective – Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages.

First method: Using iCloud drive to have videos as well as messages on WhatsApp backed up

There is a very high level of cooperation between Apple and WhatsApp. This is could mean that there will be some kind of superiority in most cases. In this case, the messages are backed up or stored on the WhatsApp platform. What you will only need are WLAN and also having an account with iCloud.

Step 1. Go to your mobile device, locate the settings and then click on it. After that, look for iCloud within the settings area and click on it. Once you have done that successfully, look for iCloud drive and tap on it. If it happens to be switched off you will have to switch it on. The way to have switched it on is to locate WhatsApp and then switch it on. Once you have done this one you have automatically switched the iCloud drive on.

Step 2. Click on WhatsApp and then locate the settings to click on it. In the settings, look for chats and then click on it to go to Chat Backup. In other to have chat history backed up, you will have to make sure that the Chat Backup is turned on.

You can also backup videos in your WhatsApp if you want to as all that you will need to do is to make sure that you have turned on the included videos. This can at least have them restored in future time to come.
The auto back up function is to enable you back up your videos and messages in WhatsApp automatically without selecting anyone.

Uninstalling WhatsApp will enable you to have WhatsApp restored. With the aid of the account that you originally have with WhatsApp, have it installed. Immediately you are signed in, you are going to be requested to have the backup restored through iCloud.

Second Method: Using WhatsApp extractor to restore WhatsApp voice as well as text messages in your iPhone device with the aid of your PC

From the method that was explained above, you would have noticed that the chat history in your WhatsApp can be backed up through iCloud. Such messages can only be backed up but they can't be read online by iCloud users. Also, in the case of voice messages, there is no option to have them backed up once you are using iCloud.

What you need to make use of in this case, is WhatsApp Extractor – FoneLab. What you need is to have it downloaded and installed and then a USB cable that you can use to have it connected to your personal computer.

Download FoneLab for iOS on Windows Download FoneLab for iOS on Mac

Step 1. Have it downloaded and installed on your system. After that you can then have it launched. Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone device to your system and your device will be detected by the program automatically.

Step 2. You will need to have your device scanned. To do this, make sure that you have chosen the option recover from iOS device. This process is going to take seconds.

Step 3. Once the scanning is complete, the data in your device will be automatically displayed on the program's interface. Now go to WhatsApp, then locate WhatsApp attachments. Once you do this, you will be able to see all the messages on your WhatsApp. Just click on recover and they will be saved to your personal computer.


Third method: Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages via Email

There is also another method that you can make use of to have WhatsApp messages backed up using emails through personal computer. All you will need in this instance is an email address which belongs to you and also WLAN.

Step 1. Open your WhatsApp and then navigate through the message that you would like to back up on your Personal Computer.

Step 2. You will have to hit the name of the person. After that, locate export chat when you have scrolled down. There is a window that will pop up. Just make sure that you will be choosing “attach media”.

Step 3. Once you are through with the above, you will have to choose the mail option. Just enter the destination (email address) that you would like to have the WhatsApp messages sent to. By doing this, you should be able to see that your messages have been saved in TXT file format.

Forth method: Using AirDrop to have the WhatsApp massages Backed up

This is a very important application for iPhone users. This is because it creates a link between Mac and iOS devices.

Step 1. Have the first two steps repeated in the third method explained above. This will enable you to have your messages and attachments packed.

Step 2. On the AirDrop platform, be sure to do down to up swiping. In other to locate your Mac, have the option of “choose everyone' selected. Once you have it tapped, you will be able to share the messages on your WhatsApp.

In other to Backup iPhone WhatsApp messages using the above methods that have been explained, you will have to follow every step in detail.

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