Easy Method to Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone 7 to Firefox/Chrome

Export Safari Bookmarks

Are you looking for a way to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7 to the Chrome or Firefox browser in your PC? Safari browser is a hot favorite among iOS device users. This is not surprising as it is designed specifically for iPhone 7 Plus/7, iPod touch, iPad and other iOS devices. This in-built iOS browser lets users to browse their favorite sites, bookmark them for viewing later.

But although Safari browser is a handy tool, it is not possible to view all websites as comfortably on an iPhone 7 Plus/7 as you would do on a Mac. For instance, watching a movie is best done on Mac rather than in the small screen of iPhone 7 Plus/7. To view a website document of several pages, a computer would be more preferable. Hence it is necessary to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7 to the computer’s Firefox or Chrome browser for synced surfing. Here is how you can do it easily and effectively.

Methods used to export Safari Bookmarks

There are two simple ways you can employ to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7 to Firefox or Chrome browser in your computer. They include

Method I. Sync with iCloud to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7

It is a well-known fact that iCloud is an exceptional tool for data backup. But did you know that it can also be used for restoring iPhone 7 Plus/7? Here we are going to use iCloud to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7 and import it to a browser you use commonly in your computer such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet explorer.

Part 1. iCloud backup can be used in two ways for Safari bookmark exporting.

A. Here is the first method

  • 1. Go to Settings in your iPhone 7 Plus/7.
  • 2. Choose iCloud from settings.
  • 3. Ensure Safari button is activated.
  • 4. Move to the bottom of settings and tap on Backup option.
  • 5. Select Back Up Now feature. This will back up all the bookmarked sites to iCloud.

B. The second method includes back up of all your data to iTunes. The following steps enable an easy export of bookmarks.

  • 1. Connect your iPhone 7 Plus/7 to computer via USB cable.
  • 2. Launch iTunes in your computer.
  • 3. Click on the iPhone 7 Plus/7 icon.
  • 4. Choose iCloud from the Backups feature.
  • 5. Click on ‘Back Up Now’ option.

Your bookmarks in Safari will be backed up safely.

Part 2. Export bookmarks to Internet Explorer from iCloud Backup

Step #1. Download iCloud on your system. Sign in with the iCloud account credentials. This is needed to export the bookmarks from Safari to the Internet Explorer browser.

Step #2. Click on Bookmarks feature and in the window that pops up check the Internet Explorer option.

Step #3. Click on Apply. This will let the bookmarks be exported from Safari.

Step #4. You will see a pop up prompting you to confirm the bookmark export using iCloud. Click on Merge to confirm. This will initiate an automatic addition of Safari bookmarks on Internet Explorer. Now you can manage your bookmarks easily on Internet explorer.

Part 3. Import to Firefox/Chrome browsers

Here are the steps to enable import of bookmarks from Safari to Firefox/Chrome.

Step #1.Open Chrome Browser on PC. Click on Settings option.

Step #2.Go to Bookmarks feature and choose, ‘Import bookmarks and settings’ option.
Opt for Internet Explorer.

Step #3.Check the Bookmark/Favorites feature and click on Import.

This will import the bookmarks on Internet Explorer that you had imported from Safari to Google Chrome.

Follow the same steps on your Firefox browser to import the bookmarks.

Points to consider:

The method of exporting bookmarks to Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox using iCloud should be done carefully. Here are some points to consider, while you perform the synchronization.

Duplicated bookmarks
When you import bookmarks to Firefox or Chrome from Safari all the bookmarks in the Safari browser will automatically be synced. You will not have the option of choosing only the preferred bookmarks.

These bookmarks also include the iPhone 7 Plus/7 Safari bookmarks and bookmark backs done before on the iCloud. Hence you will get several duplicated bookmarks.

Special import plugin
In case of Internet Explorer, the export process from iCloud back up is easy and fast. But with a browser such as Firefox or Chrome that you use on your system, you may need the assistance of an additional plug-in to ensure a fast export from Safari.

No browsing history
It is not possible to import the browsing history in from the Safari browser, as you can only import the Bookmarks or Favorites to the Chrome or Firefox browser.

Other idevices
Using iCloud is a preferred method for importing all the Safari bookmarks in Firefox or Chrome present in your iPod touch or iPad

Method II: Import bookmarks and browsing history from Safari browser to Firefox and Chrome

This method is very handy, if you need to export only part of the bookmarks in the Safari browser or want to import the browsing history along with the bookmarks both of which cannot be done with iCloud syncing feature.

This method enables an easy way to accomplish both the tasks. The only requisite here is you have to download FoneLab iPhone 7 Plus/7 Data Recovery for Safari bookmark exporting and have it installed in your system. Here are the steps to achieve this export.

Download FoneLab for Windows Download FoneLab for Mac

Step #1. Launch Data recovery software for iPhone 7 Plus/7 from FoneLab in your computer. Connect the iPhone 7 Plus/7 device to computer via USB cable.


Step #2. Click on, ‘Recover from iOS device‘ feature. Now click on the, ‘Start Scan’ to begin the scanning process of data in your iPhone 7 Plus/7 device.

Step #3. Now choose Bookmarks from Safari Bookmark feature. Click on, ‘Recover’ option. You can now download the bookmarks to your computer.


Points to consider:

When you are using FoneLab data recovery software for iPhone 7 Plus/7 to export bookmarks from Safari Browser you should consider the points below carefully.

Browsing history
To export the browsing history from Safari browser you should first click on Safari History option for the information to be exported to the PC. FoneLab software for data recovery is also capable of retrieving Safari history to the computer and be used as a backup of the data too.

HTML format
All the bookmarks that you have exported from Safari browser would be saved in HTML format in the computer. To convert, you can open the Firefox browser and click on Import and Backup option present there. In this option, you will see From HTML feature, which you can use to import the bookmarks successfully. You can also do the same steps for importing to Chrome.

Recover deleted bookmarks
Surprisingly it is also possible to import even the deleted bookmarks in your Safari browser with this data recovery software. The existing and in use bookmarks are marked in black while the deleted bookmarks are displayed in red color.

FoneLab data recovery application is a versatile app that not only helps to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone 7 Plus/7 but also recovers deleted data and backs them up in PC including the contacts and photos.

Download FoneLab for Windows Download FoneLab for Mac

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