Many iPhone SE users are confused about the mistake of deleting Safari bookmarks from iPhone SE by accident, and they didn’t sync Safari bookmarks to iCloud or iTunes. So they wonder how they can find back their Safari bookmarks in a simple way.

PS: here are more ways on how to recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome for your reference too.

Part1: Restoring your Safari bookmarks with iCloud backup

Step1. You should go to the option of “Setting”, choose “General”, then go to the “Reset”, finally tap on “Erase all content and settings” option.
Step2. Find the “Apps&Data”, choose the button “Restore from iCloud Backup”, and then log in your account of iCloud.
Step3. Now goes on to “Choose Backup” option, and then you can select what you want to backup on iCloud from the list.

The requirement of the restoration is that you should make sure WIFI is available to your iPhone SE. If your Safari bookmarks have reset, the self-recovery will also be exercised in the Safari history. But the pages you have browsed will not be recovered in your iPhone SE. What you should also be noted is that the data in your iPhone SE like SMS, contact, etc. will be forced to be restored, so the second thoughts are best.

Part 2: Restoring your Safari bookmarks without iCloud/iTunes backup by Safari Recovery for iPhone SE

It is essential to sync the Safari bookmarks to iTunes or iCloud, but everyone ignores this indispensable step. Once the Safari bookmarks are moved from iPhone SE, it will make the users puzzled how to recover Safari bookmarks from iPhone SE. So there is an app which calls Safari Recovery for iPhone SE can recover the data that you missed or lost from iPhone SE. There are some steps to cope with the problem with this app.

Step 1. What you should do first is to install this app Safari Recovery for iPhone SE

Prior to the installment, you need to download it in your computer and then launch it followed by the instructions of the procedure.

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Step 2. Connect your iPhone SE and scan your lost data

Connect your iPhone SE with your computer by USB cable. When this program had recognized your iPhone SE, you can find an option “Recover from IOS Device” and click it, and then you will see the words “Start Scan”, which means the program starts to scan all your lost data on the iPhone SE. So what you should do now is to find your deleted Safari bookmarks in the scanning list.


Step 3. Recovery of your lost Safari bookmarks

When you find your lost Safari bookmarks in the list, you should click it in the left list of the software. And then you need to tick what bookmarks you want to recover in the right list. Last, click the button of “Recover”. Then the deleted Safari bookmarks will soon turn up again in your Safari.

1. If you, fortunately, sync your iPhone SE to the iTunes or iCloud, you can use the second or third mode of recovery in this software “Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup File”.
2. If you have finished the process of exporting your lost Safari bookmarks by this software, you will find your Safari bookmarks are saved as some addresses which you can open it and surf it through other browsers like Firefox or Chrome.
3. If you lost your Safari bookmarks or other data in your iPad, the above steps are also available to your iPad.
4. If you want to recover other data like deleted browser history, the option “Safari History” is also represented in the software. So you can find the corresponding options of what you want to recover from your iPhone SE in this app, the solution is the same as the way to recover Safari bookmarks from iPhone SE as above.

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