Since the production of Android phones, practically everybody has become amateur photographers. Wherever people go, there seems to be one or two pictures to take. When people are on a picnic, there will be different pictures taken to serve as a memoir. Going on vacation is another great opportunity to take awesome pictures. Awesome waterfalls, majestic animals, beautiful birds, and endless wonders of creation are excuses to take numerous pictures. And if by chance you delete the picture then there may need to know the process of how to Recover Deleted Photos on Android.

What about social occasions? Friend’s wedding, family meeting, graduation ceremony, birthday ceremony and a host of other occasions show that taking pictures is the norm.

However, there may be concerns about accidental loss of these pictures by a little kid or an adult who mistakenly presses the delete button. The concern may be attached to the importance of the said photos and pictures. These concerns are normal but shouldn’t generate unnecessary anxiety as there are now different ways to recover deleted photos on Android.

Part 1: Recover Deleted Photos on Android Through Google backup

One of the best ways to do this is to use the opportunity offered by Google. One of the services of Google is Google plus which gives people who have Google account the golden opportunity to add their photos to Google drive. If you have done this, you surely have a very good backup for your pictures and photos. In any case of accidental deletion, you can use this backup to recover deleted photos on Android phones.

The steps to achieve this are highlighted below:

  • 1.Through your Android phone, log in to your account on Google.
  • 2.Google contains a Photos app, open this.
  • 3.In the left top corner of the message box, click Menu.
  • 4.Click on Trash. This is the container for anything deleted on a phone.
  • 5.When you see a list containing deleted photos and pictures, find the particular photo that you want to recover.
  • 6.Hold the picture and tap the Restore icon.
  • 7.The selected picture will automatically be restored back to the Photos app.
  • 8.Whenever you take your phone from your account on Google, the deleted and restored pictures will be displayed.

NOTE: For this method to work, you must bear these three points in mind;

  • Make sure it is not more than two months or 60 days that the picture was deleted. If it is more than 60 days, the picture will have been permanently deleted.
  • Make it a habit to constantly turn Auto-sync on your Android phone. This will automatically create a backup for data on your phone on a regular basis.
  • It is important to have a Google account to enjoy this service. If you don’t have, you can create it for any emergency use.

So many people do not regularly create backup for their phone. If such an individual has his or her pictures deleted, is there any hope of recovering the deleted images? The answer is yes.

This simple method will show you how to recover deleted photos on Android even if there is no backup.

Part 2: Recover Deleted Photos on Android Through Android Photos Recovery

Android Photos Recovery is the best tool that allows people to recover their deleted photos, Recover Lost Snapchat Messages, recover the lost text messages from your Android phone, even if there is no known backup for such pictures and photos. It can be used by anybody who has the knowledge of how to download and use apps. The effective steps to do that are:

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

    • You must download the app from the internet to your PC. If you don’t know how to get it, search for it from the web using Google.
    • After you have successfully downloaded the app, via a USB cable, connect the PC with your android phone. After some seconds, the app will automatically detect your android phone if the connection is ok.

connect android with fonelab for android

    • If the connection is successful and your android phone has been detected by the app, choose the type of file that contains the picture that you want. For pictures and photos, choose Gallery.
    • You can also select Picture library so as to scan it together with Gallery.

scan deleted photos

    • You may have to unlock the app here so that it will be able to access your phone.


    • After unlocking the app, the process will proceed by scanning for the deleted photos in the Thrash.
    • When the app is through with the scanning, it will display a list containing all the photos in the phone. It will mark deleted photos with red and the existing pictures with green to differentiate between them.

View Deleted Photos on Android

    • You can select all the pictures that you want to retrieve one after the other. Then tap “Recover”.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android

  • The selected pictures will now be retrieved back to your phone.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

Trouble Shooting

If it happens that the PC does not detect the phone after the app has been downloaded and the PC is connected to the phone via the USB cable, try the following:

    • Confirm whether the phone is well connected. If not, unplug the USB and connect it again.
    • If that doesn’t work, then go to Settings. Tap Developer Options. Click Uncheck to enable the USB debugging mode.


  • When you have done this, check it again.
  • If the problem still persists, you may have to remove the USB cable and replace it with another one as it is possibly faulty.

A good practice that can save a lot of headaches is to always backup important data such as pictures and other information on the PC. If they are lost, they can easily be retrieved. The only thing that you need to recover any lost information will just be a USB cable. Connect this to your phone and drag and drop all of them back to the phone. Within a short period of time, you will have all the lost information on your phone.

With these effective methods of recovery, you may also would like to know more about Top 5 Data Recovery for Android, the days of anxiety over deleted pictures on android phones are over. You can just choose any of the recovery methods that suit you, and you can easily Recover Deleted Photos on Android.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac