To Recover Those Deleted SMS from Motorola device is quick and easy, Motorola is a brand that is popular all around the world for its unique design and functionality. Most Android users hold Motorola in high esteem as it is a brand that aims for customer satisfaction. That is why this article is directed at solving the complaints of accidental message deletion or losing of messages on Motorola phone, like Moto X, Moto X Style, Moto droid razor.

SMS or text message is the most important feature for our smartphone and it will be amazing to be able to recover deleted SMS. It is a basic tool that is significant in all phones. It helps in sending valuable information between parties. Losing valuable messages containing significant information is nerve-wracking and stressful. This article is directed at showing you how to recover messages on a Motorola phone.

The Recovery of deleted or lost messages on a Motorola device or any other device is quick and easy, once you have the Motorola Data Recovery. This is a recovery tool that works on all Android device from LG, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Samsung, to MEIZU and lots more. This retrieving tool makes the recovery of all your deleted SMS text messages easy and also it supports the revival of other files, they include WhatsApp messages, documents, contacts, photos, attachments, videos and so much more. It is a smart android retrieval tool that aid in the recovery of all your important files.

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This is a simple user guide on the process of recovering SMS and text messages on a Motorola device.

First step: Connect your Motorola device to your computer system.

This can be done by plugging your Motorola device to your computer system through your USB cable, Launch the Android Data Recovery.

  • Make sure your Motorola device is in a good connection.
  • in order to avoid overwriting or data loss, no action is to be carried out when the connection is made.


Second step: USB debugging

Once the Motorola device is correctly connected a notification message pops up on the screen of your Motorola device. This alerts you to permit the USB debugging on the Motorola device. If the program fails to permission to turn on itself, you can allow USB debugging by turning it on manually.


For all versions of android that came before the Android OS 2.3 and the Android 2.3 itself: click on the “Settings” > and “Applications” > then “Development” > then “USB debugging”.

For Android OS 3.0 – 4.1: click on the “Settings” > and “Developer options” > then “USB debugging”.

For all versions later than the Android OS 4.2: go to the “Settings” app > and “About phone”. After that, choose the “Build number” do this 7 times until you see the message “You are under developer mode” showing. Back to the “Settings” app > and “Developer options” > then “USB Debugging”.

Third step: choose the android files you want to be recovered.

Enter the window so as to select the type of android files you want to recover. Through this way, you have the choice of recovering any lost android files you want. Messages, audios, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, pictures, documents, videos, documents and so much more, can be recovered through this window. Simply tick “Messages”.

On your Motorola device, you have to select “Allow/Authorize/Grant” before the scanning process can begin, this is necessary so that the program gets the authority of the Motorola device.

Fourth Step: Preview then recover

This scanning process takes only a few seconds, it is fairly fast. Click the button “Messages” on the left, this allows you to preview your messages or files in the other right interface of your screen. If there are too many files exhibited on the right interface, no worries, you can easily adjust that too by sliding “Only display the deleted item(s)” to the “On” option, this allows you to select or tick lost messages quickly in no time at all after that, click the “Recover” button then select the destination folder you want all the files or messages to be saved. This moves all the lost or deleted SMS or files to be saved on your PC system. This whole process is done within minutes allowing you to recover all lost or deleted messages from your Motorola device. This process can also be repeated when you want to retrieve or recover messages, multimedia, documents, call logs and so much more from any android, Android Data Recovery software makes this possible.

Android Data Recovery software is also a contacts recovery tool for SIM cards and it is available for only android devices.

The Recovery of Deleted SMS or text messages from a Motorola device is now made easier and possible through the software, which can also be regarded as a great tool for all Android devices as it is a quick retrieval software that enables Android users the comfort of recovering all their lost messages and files etc.

You can now recover deleted messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, call logs, pictures, videos, documents, audios and so much more from your Motorola phone through the Android Data Recovery software.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

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