Why Need to Recover Lost Files from Android SD Card?

Insert the SD card of your cellphone to the computer with a card reader, only to find the SD card need to be formatted before the computer can access to it? This is a very common problem many people may run up against. If you just click “Yes” and let the computer format your SD card, you will find all the data have been removed from it. Even though you insert it to your cellphone again, you still have no chance to see all your photos, video and other important files again.

Fortunately, it is far from the end of the world. Thanks to the programmers, there are some talented Android SD Card data recovery tool which can help you get all the lost data back easily. In this article, the most powerful one of them will be recommended to you. Just see below explicit tutorial.

How to Recover the Lost Data from SD Card of Your Android Smartphone?

What you need:
  • 1. A computer
  • 2. A cellphone, and a USB cable
  • 3. An Android SD Card data recovery tool – FoneLab for Android

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac

Step 1: Stop adding new data to your SD card

New data will overwrite the deleted data on your SD card. So in order to make every effort to protect your lost data, you should stop transferring new data to the SD card immediately.

Step 2: Open FoneLab for Android on computer

Launch the Android SD Card Data Recovery tool – FoneLab for Android on computer. You can easily find and download this powerful tool below.

Step 3: Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable

Put the SD card back to your Android phone, and then connect the cellphone to the computer. But before that, you need to enable the USB debugging on the phone, or the program may not have enough authority to handle the device.


Tip: How to enable USB debugging

USB debugging is usually in “Development” or “Developer options” on Android phones. But there are still some differences depending on the specific version of Android:

  • Android 2.3 and earlier: “Settings”->”Development”->”USB debugging”
  • Android 3.0 to 4.1: “Settings”->”Development options”->check “USB debugging”
  • Android 4.2 & latter: “Settings”->tap “Build number” for seven times->back to “Settings”-> “Development options”->check “USB debugging”

Step 4: Scan the SD card of the Android phone and then recover the lost data

By default, Android SD Card Recovery – FoneLab for Android will recognize your cellphone automatically, if not, just check the connection between the cellphone and computer.
And after enabling the USB debugging on your Android phone, some request info will be loaded to your device by the program so that the task can proceed.

After your device has been identified successfully, you can select what types of data you want to recover, for example, your lost photos, videos or other important personal documents. Click next and after that FoneLab for Android will try to scan the SD card of your cellphone and find out all deleted data to you. You can see all the lost files are listed in the window, just select what you need, and click “Recover”, you can get all of them back.

Download FoneLab for Android on Windows Download FoneLab for Android on Mac